Brad Golik is a condo specialist with and Windermere Realty Group.

Brad Golik is a condominium specialist who has also created marketing programs for the luxury home market. Through his affiliate company,, Brad created the use of “Search Specific” websites based on the buying habits of condominium and luxury home buyers. Brad’s marketing program is now being tested in other parts of the country with some of the country’s best real estate agents. Brad first introduced his “Search Specific” websites 5 years ago in Lake Oswego, OR. Brad currently owns 30+ luxury websites in the Lake Oswego, Dunthorpe and West Linn areas. These websites are now leased by one of Portland’s top luxury agents. After living in Seattle for 4 years and developing the program for the condominium market in Seattle/Bellevue area, Brad is now back in Portland introducing his condo marketing program in Portland with a focus on The Pearl District, Downtown and South Waterfront luxury condo markets. With an emphasis on the luxury condo and loft market, Brad has created over 45 condominium “Search Specific” websites( and many more are coming) in Portland including his 3 luxury portal sites, and See some of his other sites at:,,,, The,,, and just to name a few! Says Brad, “Every agent will tell you they will market your home online. We do it where buyer’s are actually looking!” “Sure, like other agents we will also post your condo on Craigslist,, Google Base etc… but the reality is that these sites don’t show up on the most common buyer searches and our “Search Specific” websites do!” “The market has changed dramatically” said Brad, “Condo buyers are very smart and are using the internet to do their homework on buildings, amenities, pricing and HOA fees way before deciding to make an offer on a condo. We want to make sure that our listings are in front of these “Serious” buyers and stand out from all other listings!”


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